Keeping iPhone Gaming Safe

Keeping iPhone Gaming Safe

The iPhone was always designed to be more than just a phone. So it hardly comes as a surprise that it should today constitute a fully-fledged entertainment console capable of displaying videos, playing music, shooting and editing photos as well as reading e-books and e-mags. One of the industries which has profited most from these developments has been the online gaming industry. We’re not just referring to the somewhat geeky idea of turning your iPhone into a game controller. Instead, the iPhone gaming sector in the US alone has turned into a $500 Million industry offering anything from family games to shooters and from simple game classics to highly complex strategy games. As with gaming in general, there’s just one exception to the fun: Without the necessary limits, gaming can turn into a financial disaster and a dangerous addiction. With a few simple suggestions, meanwhile, you should be able to keep gaming on your iPhone safe.

Define limits

The reason that gaming has matured into one of the most stunning success stories of the past few decades is that it has managed, perhaps even more so than Hollywood’s dream machine, in creating a perfect illusion, building virtual worlds where everything is possible and there are no longer any physical limits. Unfortunately, even virtual games are still played in the real world, where you will eventually have to pay up for your adventures. This means that, as disappointing as it may be, that you will have to define some personal limits for your iPhone gaming to avoid high debts and even, possibly, bankruptcy. You can do this by getting yourself a prepaid card (for example by highly respected ) intended especially for gaming purposes, loading a certain amount of money onto it at the beginning of each month and then sticking to it.

Enter payment information at home

Over-reaching your budget when playing on your iPhone is one problem, online safety is another. Many games will at some point ask you to enter your payment information before allowing you to participate. This need not be an issue, provided you are always using a secure connection even when playing in a cafe or when using public transport, and assuming your smart phone is safely password protected. But it can be a problem should you decide to enter your data in public. Don’t forget, after all, that there are plenty of spy cams placed all but invisibly at many public locations, allowing criminals to keep track of your actions even when things appear to be perfectly safe. Which is why you should always make sure to only enter payment information in the security of your own four walls – and to only then then experience the excitement of iPhone gaming on the move.

Get yourself a good online account

Keeping iPhone Gaming SafeIt is somewhat remarkable that so many in the gaming community are passionate about online gaming – an industry, which didn’t even exist a mere twenty years ago – but still don’t have a decent online bank account. To be able to reap the full benefits of online gaming on your iPhone, meanwhile, the latter is a prerequisite. This is not just true because an online account will allow you to manage your gaming budget far more conveniently and in real-time than a regular, branch office related current account, but also because some of the best online accounts can help you save money, improve your budgeting and help you define the aforementioned limits. Most traditional banks are still struggling to come to terms with the digital age, offering slow, confusing and expensive online accounts. Which is why you should keep an eye out for a new generation of so-called, basic bank accounts, which are accessible to all and come with highly improved usability.

Perhaps the most important piece of advice, however, is to ask for help if you need it – regardless of whether you feel you can’t beat your gaming addiction on your own or you need help with deciding which online account is best for you. The iPhone was always designed to be more than a phone, so it should seem obvious it should create bigger problems than just a bad connection or a low battery life.

About the author: William Masters specialised on finance and technology and frequently contributes to online and offline publications in the United Kingdom and the United States.