Samsung galaxy s3 reviews say all about it


Samsung galaxy S3 is one of the most advanced and smartest phones Samsung has ever come up with. With hi-tech features and flamboyant design, it catches your eye at once. Because of this eye catching ability and extraordinary features, it is one of the costliest phones in the Indian market. The question that aroused with its launch was that whether it will be readily accepted in the market, or its high price and advanced features will put out of the race. Samsung Galaxy S3 reviews say all about it.

Technical Review

Samsung S3 belongs to the 3rd generation of the galaxy phone series by Samsung Company. Thus, it was very much obvious that technically it is advanced and fast in its processing. That is mainly because of its operating system and its highly advanced CPU. Samsung S3 comes with Google’s Android operating system called Ice Cream Sandwich and its CPU is 1.5GHz with quad-core or in other words, 4 equal divisions in the processor. These are one of the most advanced features for mobile phones and have been installed in S3 to support its hi-tech applications and to make its processing fast.

Apart from these technical advancements, S3 also has GPRS, WLAN, wi-fi, USB port, RAM of 1GB, 12 MP camera with features like autofocus’ and smile detectors, 4.7 inch wide screen with a screen resolution of 720 by 1280 pixels.

User Review

Samsung Galaxy s3 unlike Samsung galaxy Y or Samsung Galaxy Y duos is a highly complicated phone. Thus, comparing its price with Samsung Galaxy Y duos price will not be fair. The features that S3 offers are far superior and advanced. That is what the user review about Samsung Galaxy S3 says.
Samsung galaxy s3 reviews
Most of the users are impressed by the user friendly features of S3. S3 might seem highly complex, but is easy to learn and then easy to use. People who got a S3 really enjoyed using it. Internet, social networking sites, fast processing of pictures and videos, high range of file adaptability, and the capacity to hold so many applications together makes it a super-Phone.

Few customers however complained that Samsung s3 had plenty of features and many of them were something that they really didn’t need. Well honestly, having more features that you need is always better than lacking some features. This assures you that no matter what, your galaxy S3 will not be obsolete at once.

Overall review

The technical review of the Samsung galaxy S3 suggests that technically it is one of the most advanced phone, and the design and look is also eye-catching and elegant. The user reviews are also satisfactory and almost all the users of S3 are happy with its features. Few did complain S3 to have plenty of extra features but that would be considered more on the pro side than on the cons. Thus, the overall Samsung Galaxy S3 reviews say that this phone is truly outstanding. The price is high but with so many features, it seems perfect value for money.

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