The best widgets your WordPress blog should have


WordPress widgets are also called as WordPress plugins, provide features such as adding interactivity selections and visitor visual options, like a side bar widget used for navigation and tag clouds purposes. The widgets were originally intended for providing a simple and user friendly method to structure and control for the design of the WordPress Theme for all users with the help of the sidebar. These widgets are now available on WordPress Themes, to add, remove and arrange headers and footers and for other such uses for the WordPress structure and design.

The main reason for people to use WordPress is for the thousands of easy to use widgets that are available for all users. There is nothing that you cannot accomplish for your blogs, it is guaranteed that there is a WordPress widget that can get the job done. I have put together a list of widgets available in the WordPress Widget Directory. Some of the widgets listed provide customization and all the widgets listed are tried and tested using Site Sketch 101.

Pop Up Domination

Pop Up Domination is an absolute must have widget, this widget is the best when it comes to capture and generate leads. The Pop Up Domination is the most effective pop up software to date, This widget comes loaded with various theme options and different themes that can match the design, feel and layout of your website. To be honest no one likes pop ups but this widget defies this logic and acts as an important and resourceful tool for generating a huge list over a short period of time. If you intend on using a pop up widget then Pop Up Domination is the best available WordPress widget in the market.

HeadSpace: (WordPress SEO Made Simple).

The HeadSpace widget is the one you need to have, to put your website right on top. This widget has proved it, in more than one occasion that it has much better and advanced features than the All in One SEO Widget. These days it has become a trend of sorts to focus on other SEO methods than writing quality content. The HeadSpace widget does exactly that it lets you concentrate on writing contents, and all the other SEO needs required for your blogs are taken care by the HeadSpace widget.

Max Blog Press Affiliate Ninja

The Ninja widget is real good when it comes to promote affiliate products. This WordPress widget is also used for saving time in promoting products on your website. The Ninja widget sorts out all the affiliate links that land on your website and is stored in order in the WordPress dashboard, so that the user does not have to keep track of all the affiliate links individually. Ninja widget is also used for identifying track clicks and for checking keyword converts.
wordpress plugin

SEO Smart Links

Do you have the habit of interlinking your articles? If not it is time to start. One proved method to increase the page rank of you website, is to link within an article and then link this article with other articles of the same subject matter. The Smart Links also helps readers to obtain other articles written by you or find other articles which are related or have similar subjects. This widget can interlink keywords for all the articles written by you.

WordPress Editorial Calendar

This widget manages a calendar for all your posts from the past and the ones posted in the present. With the Editorial Calendar it is possible to use the drag and drop option it makes it easy to swap articles from different dates, and it is also possible to edit these articles using this widget. This widget is a must have for organizational purposes.

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