Top 5 Best Security Cameras


A security camera is the element which provides the surveillance outcomes for the extreme situations. In the present days everywhere the security arrangements are offered with inbuilt functions which are necessary in daily life. The functions are like security cameras, video recorders, spy cameras and many more. There are so many varieties of security cameras with special features are available in the market.

Cameras can be used for dissimilar purposes and can be installed anywhere for the security with the different angles. They are used in different fields like business, residents, government offices, education sector and medical sector. They are mostly used for securing the home to protect their dear ones. These types of cameras are a bit expensive and they are transferable from one place to another. The other one is the cameras with the night vision and they are basically used for the dark places like alley, warehouse, pubs and parking lots. These cameras also come with the black and white feature to cover-up the large area and to stable with the lights. The other types of cameras are the wireless and hidden cameras. These are mostly used in the government sectors.

Among all these the top five security cameras are:


D-LINK SECURICAM DCS-5230This camera is a wireless camera which is specially made for indoor protection. It has a sensor which permits to send reports via mails as it is connected with the router. It provides the speed up-to 300 Mbps and entails with the 1.3 MP sensors. It can be utilised in both day and night with full vision. The functions of the D-Link secuircam are:

  • It is inbuilt with Audio management to observe with sense and can view the quick video via 3G
  • It has an infrared sensor which changes with the temperature and display you the correct results
  • It has image sensor kind of CMOS1/3’ which is loaded with 24 hour surveillance


WIRELESS CCTV KITThis is also a wireless security camera with the best quality image resolution which is specially designed for both indoor and outdoor for day and night purposes. It shows live video with audio as you can catch what is going on? It can carry up to five cameras at a time. The functions of the wireless CCTV kit are:

  • It provides wireless security through the day and night with the inbuilt microphone
  • It has the special designed vision sensor for night time which is about 26 Infrared lights
  • It has ¼ inch sharp display besides 420 lines connected to the TV


IP camera is nothing but the internet protocol camera. It is highly suggested and designed for the surveillance. In the IP camera there are again of two types namely as Centralised and Decentralised. It has the inbuilt network connectivity which helps to view the videos directly through a PC. The functions of the IP camera are:

  • It delivers the best results even in a change in the temperature. It is done by the EIS which is Electronic image stabilisation
  • It records and plays the videos even in the blocked state which is so called as Masking
  • It has a special feature of keeping the images in order and in the right direction and this process is done through E-Flip


The Logitech is the complete security system which comes with six cameras. It can be preferred for the ideal places. It is a weatherproof smart camera with inbuilt night vision sensors. You can monitor the videos through the PC and the security alarms are provided through emails and SMS. The functions of the Logitech alert are:

  • It always plays the HD videos with the special wide angled lens
  • It has several remote zones which are up to 100 feet vision at night
  • You can manage it with the remote to view the videos on your PC


The Panasonic BL-C230 is the security camera which is specially made for the clear images as it is installed with JPEG and MPEG system. It has a sensor which reacts to the sounds and captures the pictures in time. It has a moving image function which is best in this camera and it alerts us with emails. The functions of Panasonic are:

  • It has a great digital zoom function with 3X and wireless communication technology.
  • It has inbuilt storage which stores the images from 16 cameras and record 30 frames per minute.
  • It has multi camera capability with the highest video quality compression of H.264.

The above five cameras comes up with different varieties and different features and it also varies in prices as you can go for the discounts and various offers by them. If you can’t do it within your budget then you can approach for the bad debt loans as they are the instant loans provided to you without any extra sureties.

About the author: The guest post was contributed by Emily, financial guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Find out more about her finance related blogs @financeport.