Will Flip Phones Ever Make a Comeback?

Flip Phones

Flip phones used to be popular, sleek, and stylish, but recent years have seen a proliferation of flat phones such as iPhones. Whether flip phones will come back depends on a lot of factors, including what the major marketers of iPhones and Android phones will do. Flip phones are still popular in areas outside of North America, and are often used as inexpensive and entry-level phones for children.

What Happened To The Flip Phone?

Flip phones have almost disappeared since various smartphones and touch screens have become ubiquitous. The touch screen aspect of the phone is what makes flat phones so popular and easy to use, and flip phones have been traditionally constructed of a static screen and a mechanical pad. However, touch screens could be implemented into flip phone architecture with some mechanical ingenuity. It’s even possible that two separate touch screens could be incorporated into a flip phone for dual purposes, provided that the technology could be rendered thin enough.

Could Flip Phones Come Back?

Whether flip phones are going to come back depends on the current major marketers in phones and their design choices. Since many people are committed to their iPhones, most people are going to follow the iPhone trends. Android phones are probably the safest bet for seeing advances in flip phone technology, since the iPhone prefers to keep a single model out on release at a time rather than releasing different styles of their handset. Android phones, by comparison, take more design risks. Since manufacturers have now found themselves struggling to find a way to make their screens bigger without making their phones clunkier, flip phones could be seen in the future as a way to embed a large screen into a compact form.

Are There any Advantages to Flip Phones?

Flip Phones
Though smartphones have proven to be reasonably durable there are some reasons why flip phones can be better for individual users. Flip phones can protect delicate touch screens by keeping them closed, which is effective for those who often drop or damage their phones or who work in industries where their phone is likely to get damaged. Flip phones have also long been seen as stylish, and they are a great way to get extra screen space with a small form. There are some innovative designs that could be created by designing a flip phone that opens to one large screen. One way that flip phones could be encouraged is by promoting them for corporate or business use.

What’s the Bottom Line?

We may see some flip phones in the future, but they’re not likely to surpass the flat phone as far as efficiency and style go. Flip phones will probably be relegated toward cheaper models of phone, with the occasional experiment. While there are ways that flip phones could be integrated into society, many people have now become accustomed to the ease of use that a phone you simply pick up offers. The way the market is trending now will most likely lead to larger flat phones with higher resolution screens before the market goes back to considering completely different builds for their handsets, but there is a possibility that flip phones will come back once phones have simply gotten too big.

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