The Difference between HD & HDV: Features Discussed

HD Features

Technology is pacing with the latest innovations that are occupying the market, so much so that today if there is a demand for merchandise, it’s the newest gadgets and the two most popular are the camera sets, HD and the HDV which differ from each other on various aspects.

HD Features

Being short for High Definition; this asset pertains to the quality and resolution of the video shots taken. It is higher than the standard definition and hence captures pictures at a greater wavelength which range around 1280×720 pixels or 1920-1080 angstrom with a very flexible compression. It is considered the precursor of HDV hence is technically found to be more expensive than HDV. It sports a higher, faster bits speed hence functions ergonomically.

HDV Features

It stands for High Definition Video, and is considered to be the next and the latest subset of HD which is found to be more affordable than its predecessor. Also it supports a resolution which ranges around 1440-1080 angstrom, can be played under ‘long-GOP Mpeg2’. HD has a higher bit rate however the product has a much better video expansion, and a clearer display. Portability also happens to be of greater efficiency in the video camera.

HD FeaturesHence despite both maintaining their differences, there are a few features which are similar though both HD and HDV are highly commercialized in the technology market.