The Top 5 iPad RPG Games

Across Age

When Apple first launched the iPad in 2010, it became an instant hit. The multi touch screen and the innovative features and apps, clinched it for the iPad.

Developers now had a new platform to create software for. Today there are tens of thousands of apps available for the iPad: based on health, finance, cooking, shopping, travel, games and a whole lot more.

Games are always the most popular; they are again are of different genres. Role playing games (RPGs) seem to be extremely popular. Let’s take a look at the top 5:

1. Infinity blade I and II

Apple themselves seem to like this game, because they feature it in the iPad commercials. While playing the game, you can see picturesque landscapes and brilliant visuals. This action packed game has a good mix of role playing and heart thumping combat. You can use the tap controls for movements like dodging, blocking and casting spells. You don’t have a lot of freedom here nor is there much of a story, but the graphics makes up for that. Its superb graphic contents are due to the fact that it is powered by Unreal Engine 3, which is usually used to power computer games. This RPG is a Chair Entertainment creation.

2. Max Payne

This classic action RPG has now been ported to the iPad. For all you trigger happy folks, out there, this is a must have! The awesome comic strips and the to-dir-for voices relating deadly dialogues, make it one of the coolest RPGs ever.

3. Dungeon hunter

This popular iPhone game is now brought to the iPad, and it’s in HD, which is cool. The hero invokes the dark arts to bring his beloved wife back to life; but horror, she stabs him with a dagger, that too right into his heart! Your role is that of the hero and you can choose between the rogue, wizard or warrior classes. Navigation and selection of skills is very easy; there is no lag in load times. This makes playing this game a pleasure.

4. Across Age

Across AgeCreated by FDG Entertainment, this game is not so great on graphics, but it’s so much fun, that it won’t matter at all. Those who have played Zelda on Gameboy will especially love this game; it is definitely going to bring back some memories. You, Ales, the swordsman, have to save the world from a wicked magician; you will be helped by the powerful mage Ceska, who is also a time traveler. This tactical game with its unique puzzles should keep you occupied for some time.

5. Pocket RPG

This rogue-like game from Crescent Moon, can be replayed time and again. Every time you play the game, it will generate random dungeons with completely new adventures. You can be the Blade Master or the Dark Ranger or even the Battle Mage. All of these have totally different skill sets, and therefore the all of them play the game differently as well. The Ranger is those who love to shoot but if you’re happy hacking away then of course its option A. the Mage combines the two. It’s replete with looting, upgrades and fun filled battles.

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