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Adapting Technology to Seniors

Technology to Seniors

Isn’t it amusing to see your father behave childish with your shoulder-past grown child who has just entered the teenage? The elderly, although mature on age, are child-like in many attributes. But training a child is considerably different as compared to the elderly. Having transitioned through the diverse stages of life, the elderly have a […]

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Productivity Tools to Help You Get Organize


In this age wherein the whole knowledge of the world can be accessed with just a simple Google search, there is simply no excuse for unproductivity. Anyone can enrich their minds on any subject that they desire just by diving into the ocean of resources and educational material that the Internet provides. But the wealth […]

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How to Recover Deleted Data from Samsung Galaxy S5 with Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android

lab fone for android scr

Globally, more than six million Samsung S5 mobiles were sold in 2010, up from 4 million in 2009. In a single generation, it means that revolutions in technology have transformed way we are living, working and doing business. For example, you will install the games, download useful information, sending visible data to your clients, and […]

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The Top 3 Samsung Galaxy Phones To Choose


There is nothing called the best smartphone out there. The Apple fanboys are going to call the iPhone the best phone out there and in the Android club there are so many choices that there will be a phone that can cater to the needs of each and every customer. Samsung is one of the […]

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Free Web Hosting – Is It SEO Friendly Or Should You Avoid It?


With the huge array of web hosting options currently available to webmasters, it is quite easy to assume that they all offer generally the same service and that it is best to simply go for the one that can give you what you need at the cheapest rate. Of course with this line of thinking […]

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Augmented Reality – Discover new ways to connect with your customers!


Innovation in technology knows no boundaries. Recently, the Augmented Reality wave has been reaching new shores and ensuring that we have a better view of the world around us. It would have been hard for people to believe that digital information can actually be overlayed on real-world objects had we been living in the 19th […]

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New vs. Refilled vs. Re-manufactured: Knowing Which Printer Ink To Buy

printer ink

After talking about why printer ink costs so much money in one of our previous articles (you can read it here), it`s time to talk about different printer ink types. Too many times you might be facing a dilemma on what printer ink to buy. Friends or business colleagues might have given their opinion and […]

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How to convert Scanned JPEG to Editable Word File ?

jpeg to word

JPEG is among the most popular formats in which people work from different backgrounds and professionals especially the graphic designing professionals. You can therefore see people converting this format into other forms for various purposes. The fact is you can even convert any scanned JPEG files into editable word file. This may sound a bit […]

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How Your Office Can Help You Provide Your Clients with Better Experiences

client in office

You may be well-versed in the latest CRM system and have years of business experience under your belt, but if you aren’t operating from a workspace that’s conducive to providing great client experiences you’re holding your business organisation back. This is exactly what many businesspeople and entrepreneurs have discovered first-hand, and whether they’re operating from […]

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4 Factors in Creating a Productive Office

Creating a Productive Office

Managing a business is neither child’s play nor a trial and error practice. It is a huge amount of cash, a whole lot of thinking and every ounce of your dignity rolled into one. It makes sense why most entrepreneurs fight for the cause at all costs. So, now that you’ve decided to join the […]

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